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At Kort Industries LLC, we have only one purpose – satisfying you and your needs for protective coating services. Our goal is to provide the best industrial coatings and services to Houston-area companies. To achieve our goal, we have assembled a team of experienced industrial coatings professionals who share our belief that business is built on customer satisfaction and driven by quality, responsiveness and satisfaction.

  • Coatings: We apply a broad range of epoxy, polyurethane, and high-temperature coatings to prevent damage caused by abrasion, corrosion, temperature and pressure extremes, and harsh chemical agents.
  • Tank liners: Oil and gas storage tanks need to be carefully upgraded with supplementary treatments to ensure product and environmental safety. We help downstream oil and gas clients reduce accidents and remain compliant with government and industrial performance standards.
  • Process vessel protection: Process vessels face some of the most demanding tasks in the downstream sector, and our treatments help them perform better and enjoy a longer operational lifespan.

You have too much invested to risk equipment downtime, costly failures, or environmental disasters. We’re here to help your business perform better while creating a more secure environment for your team members

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